The tuition fees of the MSc amount to € 5000 and can be paid either in total or in three payments of:
€2000 (1-10 January 2020)
€1500 (1-10 April 2020)
€1500 (1-10 June 2020)

Scholarships and Grants

The MSc «Medical Research Methodology» will offer three partial scholarships, covering 50% of the tuition fees. The scholarship application period opens on 26th February 2018 and ends on 12th March 2018. Eligible for scholarships are all accepted students that have paid the fees for the first period of the MSc (January 2018).The selection process will be based on income criteria and publications in peer reviewed journals of the students.

In order to apply for a scholarship, the applicants need to submit the following documents:

  • Income tax form of their own (fiscal year 2016)*
  • Family status certificate
  • Foreign language publications in peer-reviewed journals

* In case the applicant lacks an income tax form of his own, he can submit the income tax form of his parents

The results will be announced after March 2018.

Download the scholarship application