New application forms

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New application forms for the academic year 2016-2017 will be accepted during the period 1-31/10/2016

Weekly Program

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You can find the weekly program here.

Welcome message

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Dear postgraduate students,

We are happy to welcome you to the 3rd summer on site week in Thessaloniki! During this week you will attend the three elective courses, E1- How to write a paper or a grant proposal, E3- Advanced Statistics and E4- Systematic review and meta-analysis.

The courses will take place at the Maurice Saltiel Hall 3 (5th floor of Building M2) at the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki (The Concert Hall of Thessaloniki is located on 25 Martiou Street, at the waterfront right next to the Poseidonio Athletic Centre. Attached you will find a photo of the Building M2. You can find additional information concerning the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki on the website

Keep in mind the deadline for filling the application form concerning the title and supervisor of your MSc thesis. Do not forget to bring your laptop! We are looking forward to meeting you again in Thessaloniki!

We hope you enjoy the seaside courses!

On behalf of the coordination committee,

Maria Albani
Professor of Physiology AUTh


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Following the completion of the selection process, the two partial scholarships, covering 50% of the tuition fees, are granted to the following MSc students:

1. Avramopoulos Asimakis

2. Fontalis Andreas

Welcome message

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Dear students,

We are happy to welcome you to the 2nd on site week in Thessaloniki.

During this week you will attend the C3 core module on Basic research methodology and the 2 electives, E2- Introduction to Bioethics and E6- Data mining.

For the C3 module we will use the facilities of the Medical School of AUTh, having theoretical courses in the small auditorium of the Lab of Physiology and lab work in the laboratories of Biological Chemistry department. For the E2 and E6 electives we will work in the center of postgraduate programs.

Do not forget to bring your lab coat and your laptop.

On Thursday 14th April at 5:30 pm, the plenary lecture The clumsy designer will be delivered by Professor Athanasios Dinopoulos. Attached to the welcome message you will find the onsite week schedule.

Meanwhile, we would like to wish you all the best and we are already looking forward to meeting you again in Thessaloniki!

On behalf of the coordination committee,

Maria Albani

Welcome in Medical Research Methodology

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Welcome message from the Coordinator of the MSc Course in Medical Research Methodology

Self-registration for core modules
As time is closing by for the launch of the first modules of the Medical Research Methodology MSc, and following your self-registration for an institutional e-mail at Aristotle University Thessaloniki, you are kindly asked to self-register for the core modules of the MSc (C1, C2 and C3), in order to timely secure access to the e-learning virtual learning environment (VLE) of the MSc.

For technical reasons, it would be highly appreciated if you could proceed with the modules registration process as soon as possible. But, please, make sure to self-register from today, Thursday 4/2 after 18:00!

Please do not hesitate to contact the MSc secretariat (info-mrm(@) for any queries.

Looking forward to meeting you in Thessaloniki!

Best wishes,

The MSc Faculty

How to obtain an institutional e-mail

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  • An institutional user account by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Information and Technology Centre ( in the form is required to access the virtual learning environment (VLE), which will be used for this MSc program.
  • All students, once successfully registered, are kindly requested to create an institutional user account online, following the process described here:
  • The process should be completed promptly before the first on-site compulsory week. During the first day of the on-site week our staff will provide further support with registration, if needed. For students who already ownan institutional user account, no further action is necessary.* An institutional user account provides also access to other resources available from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,such as personal e-mail account, VPN service (access to a large numberof medical journals) and free distribution of Microsoft software (Microsoft Windows and Office, Microsoft and Google cloud storage services with unrestricted storage capacity). For a comprehensive list of services offered by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki along with specific guidance please click here:
  • IMPORTANT: All communication via the VLE, such as e-mail notifications and alerts will be handled through institutional e-mail accounts in the form of Students may opt to enable forwarding to their personal e-mail address. Detailed instructions can be found here:
  • Once an institutional user account has been successfully created, students are prompted to access the VLE (Moodle platform), available here: After loggingin the VLE, all students are kindly requested to update their personal profile information. The MSc Secretariat will subsequently make sure to enroll students to the respective modules.

On-site Compulsory and Elective courses

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The dates of the On-site Compulsory and Elective Courses are the following:

  • 8-12 February 2016
  • 11-15 April 2016
  • 13-17 June 2016