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MSc in Medical Research Methodology

The Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is launching for a fifh year a Master of Science, for healthcare professionals, on Medical Research Methodology. Main aim of the Master is the training of a wide spectrum of scientists on cutting-edge methodologies and technologies that will assist them in planning and conducting research programs, thus advancing their academic and professional career.

The main features of this MSc, which make it especially attractive, are:

  • Short duration: From February until January (12 months), the students will complete a 75-ECTS program that includes eight modules (five compulsory: Introduction to Statistics, Clinical Research Methodology, Basic Sciences Methodology, How to write a paper or a grant proposal, Introduction to Bioethics-Publication Ethics; and three electives: selection from Advanced Statistics, Systematic Review & Meta-analysis, Data Mining, Computational Medical Research, Advanced Techniques in Medical Research, Qualitative Research, Clinical Trials), as well as a MSc thesis.
  • Blended form: Combination of onsite and online learning, to allow optimal time management. Only three weeks of onsite teaching (one week in February, one in April and one in June) to ensure minimal physical presence.
  • English language: To ensure an international group of distinguished tutors and an international class of fellow students, all modules are held in English.
  • Competitive price: Fees are paid in three divided installments, making this MSc an attractive and affordable option for busy professionals.

Potential students include medical doctors, dentists, biologists, bio-engineers, pharmacists, nurses, pharmaceutical industry or health economics professionals.

For further information, please, visit and contact MSc secretariat at

New application forms for the academic year 2019-2020 for the MSc in Medical Research Methodology are available at the website and will be accepted during the period 18/9-31/10/2019. Number of accepted students: 35