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Welcome message from the Coordinator of the MSc Course in Medical Research Methodology

Self-registration for core modules
As time is closing by for the launch of the first modules of the Medical Research Methodology MSc, and following your self-registration for an institutional e-mail at Aristotle University Thessaloniki, you are kindly asked to self-register for the core modules of the MSc (C1, C2 and C3), in order to timely secure access to the e-learning virtual learning environment (VLE) of the MSc.

For technical reasons, it would be highly appreciated if you could proceed with the modules registration process as soon as possible. But, please, make sure to self-register from today, Thursday 4/2 after 18:00!

Please do not hesitate to contact the MSc secretariat (info-mrm(@) for any queries.

Looking forward to meeting you in Thessaloniki!

Best wishes,

The MSc Faculty